Do you and your better half want to celebrate Halloween in style, but can’t think of a good costume? Are you weighing the idea of breaking out that Antoine Dodson get-up you wore in 2010 in the hopes that it will now be viewed as “retro”? (It won’t.)

Well, have we got a hot tip for you—a hot, steaming, stinking tip. Fresh off the recent news that Burger King’s new Halloween-themed burger turns your poop green, the folks at have come up with a couple’s costume combo that features the Whopper in question and the viridescent stool it produces.


The best part about it is that it’s DIY! That’s right, with just a little elbow grease and ingenuity (and fiber?) you can make your very own version of the “Sexy Green Poop” suit.

Green PoopWe don’t know either, honey. (Photo:

So, this Halloween, don’t be like everyone else and go as a “Sexy Loogie” or a “Sexy Mucas Membrane.” Pop a squat, get out your sewing kit, and start stitching your way to Halloween infamy.

Green Poop 2

And if you happen to be anti green poop on Halloween, there’s always this Sexy Pizza Rat costume.



[via Mashable]