While the Mets and the Cubs battle over who will advance to the World Series, we all know that this competition is about bragging rights for an equally important issue:


That’s right, pizza. The Mets have traveled from the land of the Neapolitan-inspired thin crust pie to a city that’s known for pouring gobs of sauce and cheese onto a much thicker/deeper crust—and then calling it ‘pizza.’ David Wright and company are truly strangers in a strange land—as are the diehard fans who followed them there.


Forget it, Jake. It’s Deep Dish Town.

But according to one Brooklyn pizza maker, just because Mets fans have traveled nearly 800 miles to cheer on the boys from Queens, there’s no reason they have to eat like Savages while they’re there. That’s why Mike Ayoub, owner of Fornino pizza, has launched a unique promo where he’s giving away pre-packed New York-style pizzas to anyone who presents a ticket to one of the NLCS games in Chicago. Each pizza will be frozen and travel-ready, able to survive the trip from New York to Illinois.


Photo: Facebook/Fornino Pizza

Them’s definitely some fightin’ words, Mike. At press time, there had yet to be any response from Giordano’s, but we can’t imagine that Chicagoans will take this lightly.

And so, the war continues on, pitting brother against brother, father against son, and radio host against hailed TV showrunner.



It remains to be seen whether this thing can ever truly be settled. It’s a good thing that by Sunday, at the absolute latest, at least the NLCS will be.

[Via Uproxx]