Compared to most cities, Los Angeles rewards its boozehounds in grand fashion—and that’s not because its bars stay open late (they don’t) or its easily walkable (obviously not). But when it comes to that crucial time of sobering up, there are few other places in the country who can match the city’s combination of street-food prowess and globally-inflected menus.

And you’d be wrong to think our pursuits for post-bar grub begin and end with the taco (although no one would ever fault you for that move), or that we settle for 101 Coffee Shop because we’re always looking for a Hollywood ending. From Korean pub-style ‘nachos,’ to home-made Austrian sausages, we’ve assembled a list of late-night lifesavers from different corners of the globe to remind you that Norm’s doesn’t have to be your only option.

Tatsu Ramen

Genre: Japanese
Open until: 2am
Address and phone: 2123 Sawtelle Blvd (310-684-2889)

Tatsu ramen serves quality noodles without Daikokuya’s insufferable line and bandwagoners—and that’s saying a lot. Skip the hype and head to this joint, where ordering is made easy through a system of iPads. Go for the “Cheeky Ramen,” which has a strong chicken flavor. If you’re trying to ruin your twenties by abandoning meat altogether, they have vegan options too.



hot cheetos cheese fries! 💣 #whatdiet #broomallreunion #friendsforlife

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Genre: Korean
Open until: 2am
Address and phone: 3328 W 8th St (213-381-5838)
Website: N/A

Koreatown’s Jjan may be the most wicked of late-night spots in all of Los Angeles, simply because it has no regard for any tired notions of refinement. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, mixed with shoe strings fries, topped with processed cheese? Check. Neon-green soju slushies? Double check. Giant pork cutlet “pizza” topped with cheese and mayonnaise? Check, check, and checkmate. But this is not to say it doesn’t hit the bullseye on true-to-form pojangmacha street nosh. You can try their pots of spicy Korean “army stew” without seeing a single Columbusing foodie fucboi—because now that will be you.

Hop Woo


Lobster at 2am? I can think of no good reason not to. #chinatown

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Genre: Chinese
Open until: 2am
Address and phone: 845 N Broadway (213-617-3038)

While one popular rule of thumb says you shouldn’t eat Chinese food west of the 710, it is absolutely acceptable to skip this advice after midnight. Hop Woo, a Hong Kong-style BBQ house with roots in the San Gabriel Valley, is one of the strongest Chinatown offerings for hungry zombies coming out of nearby Exchange LA. No first-year lawyer needs to suffer through mediocre street food when $30 lobster and $20 roast duck can be had at 2am, right? Best of all, this location, which also serves solid beef chow fun, eliminates the need to haul a bunch of drunkards out towards the San Gabriel Valley on Fridays and Saturdays.

Taco Tamix

Genre: Mexican
Open until: 3am
Address and phone: South Tremaine Ave and Pico Blvd, Mid-City
Website: N/A

While Mid-City clubbers have mobbed Leo’s over the years, Tamix’s al pastor—sliced to order off the trompo—is just as good, and the condiments bar is even better. Plus there’s a fleet of these mobile operations, with three to five trucks running at any time, Thursday through Sunday. Leave the plebs to gloat over long-standing El Taurino. You can do better, trust us.



ข้าวคลุกกะปิ | Khao Clook Kapi.

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Genre: Thai
Open until: 2am
Address and phone: 5112 Hollywood Blvd #109 (323-666-5055)
Website: N/A

There are many late-night joints in Thai Town (Hoy-Ka, Sanamluang, Ruen Pair), but the handful of Thai lounges on Sunset offer far more interesting settings at 1am. In this genre, Darabar remains the most raucous option, thanks to its rock acts that start at 11pm, and a night-shift kitchen that churns out fantastic khao soi, kaeng som, as well as oyster omelets. Best of all, the patrons and staff are all usually just as inebriated as you are, because Darabar’s Johnny Walker bottle service remains some of the cheapest drinking experiences in the city.

Comfort LA

Genre: Soul food
Open until: 3am
Address and phone: 1801 7th St (216-978-3540)

Beyond The Serving Spoon in Inglewood, soul-food restaurants in L.A. usually aren’t open very late. Because of that, Comfort LA, a new take-out joint in DTLA’s Arts District, is quickly making a name for itself. Twelve bucks gets you a plate of ultra-crisp fried chicken wings and a pair of sides. Partner Jeremy McBryde, an actor from the web series “That Guy,” has found an audience DTLA didn’t know existed.

Bierbeisl Imbiss


My idea of Oktoberfest consists of beers and brats, mustard and pretzels. 🍻

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Genre: Austrian
Open until: 1am
Address and phone: 541 S Spring St (213-935-8035)

Located in the historic Spring Arcade in DTLA, Bernhard Mairinger’s beer hall is an architectural delight, in addition to serving some of the best sausages around. Try the weisswurst (veal link poached in milk) or the debreziner (a spicy pork and beef link with cayenne and paprika). Bonus: the chef is usually onsite, often holding quarter-gallon steins of draft Austrian beer late into the evening.

Haida Sandwich

Genre: Persian
Open until: 2am
Address and phone: 1243 W Glenoaks Blvd (818-545-3957)

While the late-night hookah scene is always reliable in Glendale, be sure to check out Haida Sandwich, a chain based out of Tehran that serves the perfect gut-bomb for late-night revelers. The sosis bandari is a lengthy sub (the take-out box measures 14”) made with sliced wieners (“port sausages”), spicy tomato sauce, onions, and shoestring potato chips, then slathered in mayo; it’s just as worthy as any Danger Dog you’d find on the sidewalk. The spot’s repeated shout outs on the reality show “Glendale Life” don’t hurt its visibility either.)