Move over, Pizza Rat (seriously, enough already), Bagel Bird is here.

The above bagel-bird photo was posted to Imgur by user connierubirosa yesterday with the caption “Most New York photo I’ve ever taken.” Accurate.

Tool of avian destruction

To think, we’ve become so conscious about not throwing rice at weddings and making sure to cut the plastic rings on those things that hold together six-packs of beer and soda—and yet the whole time, the greatest hazard to New York City’s bird population was staring us right in the face from deli counters across the city.

Bagel bird has already captured the imaginations of New Yorkers and the World Wide Web, who quickly drew comparisons to its immediate predecessor.



It’s also got a few people worried about the potential branding and meme implications.

Good point, Eric Silver. Why is this thing being called “Bagel Pigeon” when “Bagel Bird” is so much more alliterative and catchy?

And one big question still remains: where did the bagel in question come from? Ess-a-Bagel? Zabar’s? H&H? From the looks of it, the bagel seems schmear-less, and doesn’t appear to be toasted—so I guess we can cross at least one backstabbing bagel joint off the list of possible perpetrators.

One thing is for sure: Bagel Bird (or, ugh, “Bagel Pigeon”) is here to stay, at least until we all get tired of it and the inevitable backlash begins. But that likely won’t happen before a big budget origin story film is commissioned. We can’t hardly wait.

Either way, if it gets people to finally stop talking about Pizza Rat, we’ll take it.

[via Gothamist]