We’ve all probably encountered a payroll snafu at some point, and it’s never fun. Most of us rely on getting that paycheck regularly, be it every week or two, and when money you count on doesn’t show up, it’s real rough.

Thankfully, for most of us, whatever screw-up happened generally gets resolved fairly quickly. But that wasn’t the case for an Applebee’s employee in Rhode Island, who claims he worked for an entire year without getting paid.


The Applebees where Caleb Dyl works. (Photo: WPRI)

Now, when one check gets mailed out a few days late, or there’s a direct deposit issue, that’s understandable. But not issuing paychecks to an employee for a full 12 months? When that happens, something seems truly amiss.

The employee in question, Caleb Dyl, took part in a training program at the Middletown, RI Applebee’s and was supposed to start getting paid in August 2014. But more than a year later, Dyl, who is autistic, still hadn’t been. His parents claim that all necessary paperwork had been filled out and submitted when Dyl started, and then resubmitted in November of last year when they were told the original set had been lost. But the money still never showed up, despite the fact that Dyl was described as a “capable and tireless” worker that the branch was “lucky to have.”

“He was enjoying the job, so we weren’t really focused on the income so much,” Dyl’s father says. (Dyl regularly worked a four-hour shift three days a week.) “But after that amount of time, you kind of wonder what’s going on.”

In Applebees’ possible defense, Dyl’s employment was set-up and handled through the state-funded Resources for Human Development agency (RHD). That was where Dyl’s parents logged their complaints—which Applebee’s claims were never shared with them. Now that the company has been made aware, it has promised to resolve the issue immediately, telling Dyl and his family that most famous of payment-related phrases: the check’s in the mail.

Let’s hope that’s actually the case.

[Via WPRI]