Though same-sex marriage is now constitutionally legal in all 50 states, that doesn’t mean that the states have stopped trying to protest it in other ways. Thus was the case when Indiana passed its “Religious Freedom” act earlier this year, which allowed restaurant owners to refuse to serve gay customers on the grounds that doing so violated their religious beliefs.

The act caused a major uproar. When the owner of one Indiana pizzeria, Memories Pizza, jumped at the chance to refuse service—and said publicly that he would not cater a gay wedding—the backlash was so great that the pizzeria had to temporarily shutter.

Memories has since reopened, but it looks like the country’s gay populace may be having the last laugh, thanks to a very industrious man named Robin Trevino. Trevino, who hails from Illinois, recently drove all the way to Indiana to get two of Memories’ pies, brought them all the way back to Illinois, and then served them to guests after a marital ceremony between him and his partner, Jason Delgatto. (The event may technically have been a renewal of vows, but you get the drift.)

What’s worse (or so, so much better, depending on your stance) is that Trevino posted a video to YouTube alerting the Memories Pizza crew that they had just inadvertently catered a gay wedding. Trevino and Delgatto end the video with a full-blown make-out sesh, which probably made the Memories crew choke on their ‘za, while simultaneously making the pro-same-sex marriage community all over the world giggle with delight.

The reactions were mixed, with many finding the trick to be both funny and well-deserved, while others felt that the Memories owners were the real victims.

One question still remains, though: how did the guests feel about getting served pizza at a wedding? Personally, we’d be stoked.

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