It’s well documented that crazy sh*t happens at Waffle House diners across America. So it was only a matter of time until traveling food guru Anthony Bourdain professed his love for the 24-hr breakfast institution, a long-time favorite amongst pedestrians and celebs alike.

On Tuesday night, the Parts Unknown host made an appearance on The Late Show and began discussing the food scene of Stephen Colbert’s hometown, Charleston, SC. Bourdain called it a “food capitol,” but threw Colbert an unexpected curveball about what makes it so delicious: “More important than anything, I discovered the glories of the Waffle House.” 


Colbert prompted Bourdain to talk more about this “rare local delicacy” that he’s discovered, and Tony gladly obliged:

“Talk about exotica. I had never been. It’s apparently a place you can go where no matter how wrecked and obnoxious you are, or how late at night, they’re nice to you.”

Colbert agreed, noting that “it really improves the food if it’s 2am and you are hammered drunk.”

It’s reassuring to know that a man with such a refined palate, who has gone on countless food adventures across the globe, can still be surprised by something right here in our collective backyard. So next time you’re at the Waffle House at 2am wolfing down your steak and eggs with a side of country ham, know that you’re in good company.

[via Eater]