While some pro athletes choose to consume insane amounts of chicken nuggets or gorge themselves at brunch, Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut takes a decidedly different approach.

After undergoing a multitude of surgeries, Bogut decided to get his health back in check. One night, he settled on watching the Australian documentary Is Sugar the New Fat?, a film analyzing the effects sugar has on the body. After realizing the negative effects of sugar, Bogut decided to nix the additive from his diet. 

[pullquote]“It’s unbelievable, man. [Sugar] is in absolutely everything. I have a couple friends that are label readers. I used to give them so much [crap], telling them, ‘Man, just eat it. Stop reading the label.’ And now I’m one of those guys.”[/pullquote]

By eliminating processed carbs and refined sugars from his diet, Bogut was able to drop 22 pounds post-season.

Bogut is not the only athlete to make a healthy diet decision; here’s a list of other athletes who took their diets to the next level: 


This marathon runner lives on the vegan 80/10/10 diet consisting of mostly raw foods. He contributes most of his success to living off of his 6,000 calorie plant-based diet.


After retiring from this NFL, this former San Diego Charger dropped an impressive 85npounds living off of a paleo diet.


Known in the social media world as the “300-pound vegan,” Carter shows his followers you can still perform at peak fitness level by consuming 10,000 calories a day of vegetables.

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