With Halloween just around the corner, households across the nation are beginning to stock up on candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

If you’re hoping to be the popular house on the block this year, look no further than Influenster’s nationwide candy map.

Influenster surveyed over 40,000 people in the United States to find the most popular candies throughout the country. According to The Huffington Post, America’s number-one most beloved candy is Reese’s, with Kit Kat and Butterfinger coming in at a close second.

Here are 10 of the United State’s favorite candies, broken down by state. Now you have the knowledge and power to give the people what they want this Halloween.

New York

Most popular candy: SweeTarts


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Most popular candy: Life Savers


Most popular candy: Candy corn


Most popular candy: Crunch


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Most popular candy: Milky Way


New favourite sweets! #jollyrancher #jollyrancherhardcandy #americancandy

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Most popular candy: Jolly Rancher


Received the @mysmiley360 #airheads kit today. I think we will work on some #airheadscrafts this weekend. #gotitfree #crafts

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Most popular candy: Air Heads


Do your part and grab 100 grand from the national debt in the quad! #MTCD #uptous #boisestate #100grand @boisestateuniversity

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Most popular candy: 100 Grand


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Most popular candy: Snickers


Trying my very best not to eat my #butterfinger #chocolate #favourite #love #countthemcalories

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Most popular candy: Butterfinger

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