If you thought the Drake-Meek Mill beef was heated, you obviously haven’t seen chain restaurants weigh in on breakfast drama.

With the launch of McDonald’s all-day breakfast across the country, the golden arches is becoming one of the most sought-after locations to hit up when that breakfast-for-dinner craving hits.

While the public is reacting to the new McDonald’s menu with a mix of excitement and disappointment, more than a few chain restaurants are weighing in with a huge helping of sass, reminding us all who’s the champ when it comes to beef.

Here are four of the best McDonald’s all-day breakfast disses dished out by some iconic breakfast chains (and one smart-talking brewery):

7-Eleven delivers the “charged up” of shots

With all the hype surrounding McD’s all-day breakfast, it’s important to remember who did it first…

…and those who have been (arguably) doing it better than McDonald’s

And McD’s may never be able to top this PNW breakfast favorite