All is apparently not well in the land of the Golden Arches. Even before all the recent hoopla surrounding All-Day Breakfast, McDonald’s franchisees have not been “lovin’ it” for quite some time. In fact, according to a new survey, several franchisees believe the chain is in a “deep depression” and might be facing its “final days.”

Ba da ba ba ba!


Don’t get too attached, fella.

The survey also reveals that 30% of McDonald’s operators are insolvent, according to one franchisee, while another blamed CEO Steve Easterbrook for “sowing the seeds of our demise.”

“The lack of consistent leadership…is frightening,” one franchisee wrote. “We continue to jump from one failed initiative to another.”

The primary “failed” initiative complained about is—you guessed it—all day breakfast, as well as the “Create Your Taste” program, which lets customers customize their burgers. One franchisee complained that McDonald’s is “trying to be too many things to too many people”.

Keep in mind that the sample size for the survey was relatively small. Twenty nine US franchisees were interviewed in reference to about 226 restaurants, while McDonald’s has over 14,000 restaurants under its umbrella. But still, the news has got to be alarming at least for Mickey D’s, which has seen seven straight quarters of sales declines in the US.

And, to be fair, there were those on the other side of the coin as well who said they thought the company was “headed in the right direction” and that the CEO “seems to be doing okay so far.”

So maybe the survey ultimately represents nothing more than a few disgruntled franchisees. And at least McDonald’s isn’t sticking its foot in its digital mouth over an ill-advised tweet, like some other chains (more to come on that later).

But, just to be safe, maybe you better go stock up on some McMuffins ASAP.

[via Business Insider]