Last month, Anheuser-Busch InBev (the maker of Budweiser) approached SABMiller (brewer of Peroni, Miller, Grolsch, and Fosters) with a takeover offer. The initial proposed buyout wasn’t quite lucrative enough in the eyes of SABMiller, but AB-InBev has finally won over its rival SAB with a new proposal of $104.2 billion.

The two largest brewers in the world have agreed in principle to the terms of the merger—but the deal still has to be signed and go through all the corporate vetting that these things require. But once the two mega-brewers dot the i’d and cross the t’s, it will mean one-third of the world’s beer will be under one company.

AB-InBev sure is happy about the merger, but not everyone is jumping for joy.

AB-InBev has already taken on several well-known craft beer companies, including Goose Island, Blue Point, Elysian, and most recently Los Angeles’ Golden Road. The new AB-SAB giant will undoubtedly make sweet, sweet acquisition offers to other independent breweries across the country.

But those acquisition deals will come at a price: craft beer fans are wary of global beer behemoths, and they will undoubtedly criticize the craft breweries that decide to partner with the beer giant.

[via The Wall Street Journal]