Waffle House is an American institution recognized for its cheap eats, long hours, and the crazy shenanigans that go down inside its walls. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making Waffle House irresistible in the eyes of those that bow to the alter of drunchies and all-day breakfast foods.

While the chain has seen more than its fair share of weird happenings, it’s also served an immense amount of celebrities who can’t get enough of the greasy, huge-portioned meals that make Waffle House famous. These star athletes and rappers prove a trip to Waffle House means you’re always in good company.

Here are 13 of the most iconic rap and athlete moments in Waffle House history: 

Food That Makes Even Kanye Smile

#Waffle house with yeezy

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Who: Kanye West, Andre 3000, Big Boi

What Happened: If you consider yourself a Yeezy fan, you know Kanye is famously known for not smiling (although, Ye does get happy when he’s around ice cream or a member of Outkast). In true Southern fashion, Yeezus hit up an Atlanta Waffle House with Outkast members André 3000 and Big Boi after performing at the Hot 107’s Birthday Bash. Fans snapped candid shots of the rap star as he and the ATLiens made their way through stacks of waffles and hash browns.

Dwight Howard’s Three-Course Meal

dwight-howardWho: Houston Rockets center

What Happened: Dwight Howard gave his Instagram followers an inside look into the diet of a star basketball player in the post-season. Howard indulged in an enormous three-course meal featuring a bowl of grits, a ribeye steak, scrambled eggs, toast, and of course, a plate-sized waffle. Breakfast heaven.

Power Couples Hit Up the House

Who: Kimye, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend

What Happened: If you aren’t convinced Chrissy Teigen is the world’s greatest food-obsessed supermodel, just remember that she once had a spontaneous idea for a double-date night with Kimye at Waffle House. After a long evening at the Direct TV pre-Super Bowl party, the celebrity “it” couples hit up Waffle House dressed to the nines. Nothing tops off a great night quite like a full-on breakfast spread at midnight.

Plies Gets Real on Why He Fux With Waffle House

Waffle House I Fuck With Yall Food I Swea I Do…. #Plies #DaLastRealNiggaLeft

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Who: Miami rapper

What Happened: Piles took to Instagram to have a serious discussion on the employment situation over at Waffle House. In less than 15 seconds, Piles is able to bring up what’s working with the restaurant and what isn’t. Like any human being, Piles can’t resist hitting up the House for the grub, but he does have question the hiring process of the restaurant. He feels as though the restaurant is just taking in “any person off the street” with “teeth missing” who “look like they have a cold.” A statement this big might cause a waitress to spit in his food next time he hits up Waffle House.

Ludacris’ Lifetime of Free Waffles

Who: Grammy-winning rapper

What Happened: The lifestyles of the rich and famous keep getting better. After Big Sean received a card that gave him the ability to receive free burritos for life from Chipotle, the rest of us commoners were left wondering if we would ever receive a card that wields that much power. Last week, Ludacris received his own version of Big Sean’s Chipotle card, but from Waffle House. Now this rap star can indulge in endless waffles every day of the year.

Gucci Mane’s Plea for Help

Who: Gucci Mane and his buddy Diplo

What Happened: Gucci Mane is no stranger to the law. When you’re consistently in a cycle of being in and out of jail, you tend to figure out which friends are going to have your back when you have a run-in with the law. For Gucci Mane, that person is none other than Diplo. Like any good friend, this Mad Decent artist tweeted about Gucci’s desperate situation before heading over to save him from an impending disaster.

DMX Cleans Up

Who: Dark Man X

What Happened: After a long night at the strip club, DMX hit up Waffle House for a quick bite. After an exhausted waiter confessed he was a huge fan of DMX, X decided to help the guy out with some chores after his meal. DMX clearly has no reservations against helping out in fast-casual restaurants, seeing that his first post-jail meal was an IHOP omelet which he cooked himself.

Soulja Boy Centers Life Plans Around Waffle House

Who: Bonafide shotcaller Soulja Boy

What Happened: If you’re living in a non-Southern state, you’re missing out on Waffle House and all it’s glory. No one feels this pain more than Soulja Boy. After being enticed by a porn star to hit up an Atlanta Waffle House, the rapper decided he wanted a buy a new house in the ATL just so he and his new Internet boo could grab some waffles.

Fetty Wap Finds His Unofficial Trap Queen

Who: Chart-topping Trap & B artist

What Happened: After a summer of hits, Fetty Wap became one of the most recognizable artists of the year. While dining at a nearby Waffle House, Fetty stopped to take a photo with an employee who dubbed herself his unofficial trap queen. Let’s hope she’s into making pies.

Steph Curry Spots a Nice Waffle House

Who: Guard for the Golden State Warriors

What Happened: Part of the charm associated with Waffle House is the restaurant’s casual—and at times dingy—atmosphere. While on the road, Steph Curry spotted an unusually nice Waffle House. What exactly made this location nicer than others is up for interpretation, but we can probably assume this Waffle House did not have a man living on its roof. 

Busta Rhymes and YMCMB Cram Into Waffle House

The whole ymcmb in the waffle house right now @busabusss @reekdavillain everybody lol too many to name

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Who: Young Money Cash Money Billionaires

What Happened: Waffle House isn’t known for being a spacious restaurant. When Busta Rhymes and the YMCMB crew decided to dine at a nearby Waffle House, the entire crew crammed in together to fit into the tiny space. Luckily, everyone was somehow able to make it in and the result was this iconic Instagram photo.

DJ Khaled Remembers What’s Important in Life

Who: Miami kingpin, eating icon

What Happened: Arguably one of the worst parts about living on the West Coast is the lack of access to a Waffle House. That’s why DJ Khaled made sure to make a special stop when he was on tour. Like any grateful customer, Khaled snapped a photo with the employees and expressed his gratitude towards the staff.

Shaq Pranked With Salted OJ


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Who: NBA legend and Kazaam star; Shaq’s then girlfriend, Hoopz

What Happened: Nothing says “perfect date night” quite like dinner at Waffle House. After leaving to use the bathroom, Hoopz saw the perfect moment to dump a good amount of salt into Shaq’s orange juice. When he returned, he took a nice swig of his juice before realizing it was tainted with salt. Being the good-natured, gentle giant that he is, Shaq and the customers at Waffle House all had a good laugh at the prank. It must have been an overall good experience, seeing as he left a $30 tip for his $20 meal.