Rappers might pride themselves on being supreme slang scholars, but when it comes to the lexicon of the food world, they can often find themselves slipping. Yep, even hip-hop’s most braggadocios gourmands still fall foul of the proper pronunciation when it comes to dropping culinary lingo.

Of course, rappers delight in flaunting those fusty, traditional elocution rules in the name of rhyme. As everyone’s favorite chef-turned-spitter, Action Bronson is all about his truncated quattro-formag’ (on “Tapas”) and prosciutt’ (“Actin’ Crazy”), while Timbaland and Jay Z helped popularize a scrimp over shrimp mentality to the world.

But beyond rule-bending as a means to coining a slick couplet, there’s a pungent sprinkling of mangled translations and extraneous vowels to be found clogging up some classic hip-hop tracks.

In honor of all those who’ve fallen foul of such foodstuffs as salmon and lasagna, here are 11 rappers you probably don’t want reading that French Laundry menu to you.

Eminem vs. Worcestershire Sauce


Track: “Crack a Bottle” (Ft. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent)

Worcestershire sauce is a condiment beloved by Brits—and an essential ingredient in any respectable shepherd’s pie—but you won’t find any bottles in Slim Shady’s pantry. Airing out his dislike for the fermented concoction in “Crack The Bottle,” Em manages to mush the start of its name, which should sound less like the worst he rhymes it with in favor of a broader wuss. (Photo: Twitter)

2 Chainz vs. Provolone


Track: “A Milli Billi Trilli (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)”

It’s well documented that 2 Chainz is an upscale hip-hop chowhound who delights in dining on the world’s most expensive burger at Serendipity 3, or quaffing $100,000 diamond-infused martinis. But his dairy dictionary isn’t quite up to par. On the opening verse of “A Milli Billi Trilli,” he expresses his love for provolone not once but twice—although fails to give his cheese of choice the full and elongated pro-vah-lon-ay pronunciation. (Photos: Flickr/demxx, goldenagecheese.com)

Nas vs. The Sommelier


Track: “I’m On”

If Nasir’s turn on DJ Khaled’s “I’m On” is anything to go by, you can only imagine the public humiliation Kelis had to put up with during their date nights. When it comes to picking out a fine bottle of vino to accompany their seafood lover’s spread, the QB kid insists on summoning the sommelier in uncouth terms, ending the honorific with air instead of the fancier yay. (Photos: WikiCommons)

Q-Tip vs. Gefilte


Track: “What?”

The Abstract Poet copped to one of hip-hop’s greatest ever food mispronunciations on Tribe’s “What?” when he claimed, “Kapelka makes you vomit.” It turns out Tip wasn’t referencing some sickly foodstuff native to Linden Boulevard, but was rather attempting to express a dislike for a Passover staple. As he later confessed on J. Period’s authoritative The Abstract Best mixtape, “My yiddish isn’t that good, you know what I mean? I was trying to say gefilte fish.” (Photos: Flickr/docmonstereyes, caloriecount.com)

Jadakiss vs. Salmon


Track: “We Gonna Make It (Ft. Styles)”

Spitting straight from the book of fine-dining etiquette, the Yonkers ambassador drops fire on “We Gonna Make It” while outlining his gourmand’s plans for a lavish evening: “A bad ho and a plate of sal-mon.” Drop the L, Kiss, drop the L! (Photos: Instagram, foodandwaterwatch.org)

Lil Wayne vs. Lasagna


Track: “6 Foot 7 Foot”

Ah, Lasagnagate, that festive period back in December of 2010 when Weezy had us all arguing about whether or not you should correctly pronounce the “G” in lasagna (or whether the letter’s close proximity to the N changed the game). It’s a pasta problem that has both orthoepic slang technicians and ?uestlove shook to this day. (Photos: Instagram,


2 Live Crew vs. Espresso


Track: “Mamolapenga”

As Brother Marquis is recounting a hook-up with a girl called Juanita down in Little Havana, he attempts to woo her with the classic pre-coital combination of coffee and a burrito. Unfortunately, the horny Miami bass man falls into the common trap of asking for an “ex-presso” as opposed to the traditional es-presso. For her part, Juanita doesn’t seem too fussed. (Photo: cafemidi.com)

Angel Haze vs. A Croissant


Track: “Echelon (It’s My Way)”

Angel Haze might be one of her generation’s fiercest talents when it comes to rapid-fire rhymes, but she still has a lot to learn about the formalities of the pastry scene. Her snacking preferences on “Echelon” suggest that she seems to enjoy pairing some fancy berries with the lesser-requested “cuh-sant. (Photos: Instagram, WikiCommons)

Chubb Rock vs. Prosciutto


Track: “Beef”

The Crooklyn Dodger man’s take on the intricacies of hip-hop beef includes a dry-cured faux pas when he warns that he’ll “do you like Italian deli kids slicing that prosciutto”—except he botches the ending to rhyme with a dose of the exotic “Fu-gee-la voodoo” (no doubt imported fresh from New Jersey). (Photo: laquerica.us)

MF Doom vs. Couscous


Track: “Kon Queso”

Everyone’s favorite mask-rocking supervillain has battled many foes down the years, but one of his trickiest enemies appears to be a humble North African grain. Getting expansive with his vowels, Doom recites couscous to rhyme with a loose “goose” that he happens to have waddling around the kitchen, rather than the harsher “kus-kus.”

Gucci Mane vs. Gyro


Track: “Young Problemz”

When he’s not repurposing his stove into a 24-hour crack cart, Gucci Mane has proved to be something of a discerning rap diner—just don’t rely on him to order your post-binge-drinking gyro. During his verse of Young Problemz’s “Boi,” he runs through an eclectic mini-menu that includes octopus, lamb, tacos, and egg-rolls, but then gurgles in an order for a “gy-ro” instead of the traditional yee-roh. (Photo: Instagram, larryssubs.com)