Snakes can swallow their meals whole, and it is terrifying. As it turns out, it’s twice as scary to watch a snake throw its meal back up.

In a video posted to the YouTube channel 9news, this Burmese Python was allegedly spooked by a man, prompting him to regurgitate his entire five-course bird dinner.


According to the video, the snake had recently just finished eating. After a man scared the snake, it felt obligated to remove the contents inside its stomach in case it needed to fight back. During the snake’s minute-long regurgitation, the serpent removes five pheasant-like birds from its belly.

Regurgitation serves as a method of defense for snakes so that the animal can quickly get away from its predators without the weight of a food baby holding it back. The action is not the same as puking, because the contents inside the stomach have not begun digesting.

Snakes have been known to regurgitate much larger prey then birds. Watch the video below to see a anaconda regurgitate an entire hippo. 

[via YouTube]