Few chains have the cult appeal of Waffle House, the (mostly) Southern diner famous for its dirt-cheap breakfast foods and addictive waffles. As NBA star Dwight Howard once put it, “Da house got that ⛽️.”

With close to 1,800 locations in 25 states, almost everyone has paid a visit to Da House. It comes as no surprise, then, that the 60-year-old chain served its one billionth waffle yesterday morning in Atlanta, GA.

Thank you to the “Welcome to Atlanta” remix and drunkenness for helping make this possible.


According to USA Today, “Associates shouted ‘congratulations’ when [the lucky customer’s] order arrived at the table. They brought out balloons and a special plaque.‘That’s a lot of waffles made,’ said Shanneil McCollum, who ordered an apple crumb waffle at the restaurant at 10 a.m. ‘I love their waffles. I’m happy.'”


Waffle House Senior VP of Operations for Atlanta, Darren Jarrett, tells USA Today that the House’s analysts kept a close watch on the billion-waffle mark, and tipped off the Atlanta location’s managers that the billionth waffle would be serves around 10am on Tuesday.

For more Waffle House stats, including how many omelets and hash browns have been served, head to the company’s website.

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