When it comes to dining, we’re often willing to spend a little extra to create a memorable experience.

But as you very well know, it’s fairly easy to go overboard, which is exactly what happened when YouTuber Casey Neistat experimented with McDonald’s new “Create Your Taste” kiosks that offers a customizable burger option.

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In a recent vlog, Neistat documents his experience with the kiosk, crafting two burgers, one coming in at a whopping $16.55 and another at $10.36. While each burger contained above and beyond what the average Big Mac contains, the prices of their customized meal rivaled those of several burgers from Michelin-starred restaurants.


According to Business Insider, the two burgers—along with two bottles of water, one shake, and a large fry—set the vlogger back almost $40. For a little perspective, a gourmet burger at Chicago’s Acadia will only set you back $16. and a burger from the world-renowned Las Vegas restaurant Aureole will only cost you $10.

Although his fast-food meal was much pricier than anticipated, Neistat explains in his vlog that the service he received at the McDonald’s was extraordinary, and his burger was surprisingly good, making it well worth the $40 bill.

[via Business Insider]

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