Nothing epitomizes mouth-watering food porn quite like a well-executed, perfectly oozing omurice (Japanese omelette).  As previously noted, we could watch that on repeat for days, especially when Kichi-Kichi chef Motoyoshi Yukimura is at the helm.


The initial slice through the center of the omurice, where both sides collapse and envelop the rice mound, is the make or break moment. Yukimura makes the act look simple, but these #struggleomurices of Instagram prove that it takes some serious skill to pull off the maneuver.

Here are some of the most woeful attempts that Instagram has to offer. Watch the videos below. 

1. Even cute emojis can’t distract from the true struggle that’s going on here.

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2. Pro tip: Using a spoon makes the reveal much less exciting.

Softly set curds spilling over curry mmmmmmm

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3. Style and grace are not the immediate terms that come to mind when describing this situation.

4. Nothing worse than an undelivered promise.

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5. Please be gentle, please.

6. Welp, you tried.