An employee at a Lewisville, Texas location of the fast-food chain Whataburger was fired after refusing service to two police officers.

According to Fox 4, the employee—who identified himself to the officers as a manager—refused to serve the two off-duty officers because, as he told one of the policemen, “We don’t serve police officers.” Whataburger has since come out saying that they, of course, do serve law enforcement officers, and that the refusal was an isolated incident and reflected only the former employee’s views.

The two officers, Michael Magovern and Cameron Beckham, were working an after hours security job at a nearby construction site, but were wearing their police uniforms when they went into the Whataburger location. After the counter employee refused them service on account of their badges, one cop looked at the other and asked if it was a joke. The employee then fell silent and didn’t speak to them further.

The officers were upset, but reportedly went somewhere close by for food and then started complaining to Whataburger via social media. Whataburger got wind of the situation and apologized profusely on Twitter, also claiming that the employee responsible has since been fired.

Whataburger may claim that the 5-0 food refusal was the act of one individual, but when you read a little deeper into Whataburger’s history of hip-hop style beefs, and the chain’s latest shade throwing, we can clearly see that Whataburger’s recent blocking of Wing Stop on Twitter was really just a ploy to distance themselves from Rick Ross, who is both a Wing Stop front man and noted law enforcement officer.

[via Fox 4]