Sure, Taylor Swift is probably stoked about winning an Emmy. But we figure Tay Tay’s even more excited about this corn maze that was erected at a Maryland Farm in her honor. 

According to Noisey, the T. Swift-shaped maize maze at Summers Farm in Frederick, MD will be open to the public from Sept 26th to Nov 1, giving people a weeklong opportunity to literally get lost in Swift’s face. If you can’t find your way out, you can always just shake it off and play, play, play! (Too corny?)07_friends

To enter Swift’s head, you will have to go through the quasi Versace-print frame that boarders her face, or around the T-Swift motto ‘Dare to be Different’ that arches over her silky corn hair.

Taylor has seen the corn-maze masterpiece, and she digs it. Tay posted a photo of the corn field to her Instagram with the apt caption ‘Lawn goals.’

[via Noisey]