Ever had plans to get a drink with friends and then suddenly realized you need laundry detergent, new sheets, and a box of Lucky Charms? Us too. And if you’re anything like us, you probably went straight to the bar.

Soon, residents of Chicago might get to drink booze while shopping at Target. The big-box retail chain has applied for two liquor licenses for a new store opening in the Windy City; one license is for retail booze, and the other is for in-house consumption. That’s right, Target shoppers may soon be able to get lit while perusing the aisles without the sales associates giving them the stank eye.


Neither liquor license for the Chicago store has been approved yet, and it’s not clear whether alcohol will be served in a separate cafe area within the store, like the current Target snack bars, or if you will be able to sip a cocktail while looking for new bath mats (but here’s to hoping).

According to USA Today, Target has “brought renewed focus to its grocery and food categories in the past year,” so the in-store bar seems like a no brainer. The company’s goal to expand its grocery section from bodega to bougie means stocking more natural, organic, and local products; meanwhile, the company plans to bring outposts of the chain Freshii to select stores.

The new Chicago location will open sometime this Fall, so until then, you can just keep on bringing that flask every time you go shopping.

[via GrubStreet]

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