Feeling sick? Let this story convince you to take the day off.

Two South Carolina Hardee’s locations are facing a lawsuit after allegedly allowing an employee infected with Hepatitis A to work in the kitchen for two weeks. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control made an announcement last week that customers and workers at two Hardee’s restaurants in Spartanburg County might have been exposed to the hepatitis A virus.

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After eating at the restaurant on September 8, Cody Werkmeister was prompted to get vaccinated for the virus following the state-issued health alert. Werkmeister believes that the two restaurants failed to provide customers with food that is “fit for human consumption.” He argues that Hardee’s fails to properly train and supervise their employees, and failed to vaccinate them against the virus.

So far, 4,295 people have been vaccinated in the fear of contracting the virus in South Carolina.

According to Mayo Clinic, contaminated food and water is the usual cause of Hepatitis A. The highly contagious infection typically results from a person ingesting even tiny amounts of contaminated fecal matter, thus causing the liver to inflame.

Moral of the story? Don’t forget to wash your hands and take some time off work when you’re feeling ill, even if your boss is being a D-bag about it.

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