Personally, I don’t understand adults who are still obsessed with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sure, they taste…fine. Who doesn’t like some crunchy peanut butter, sweet jelly, and, well, bread? But they’re also utterly simplistic, crafted specifically for a child’s palate. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t necessarily have to “grow up” to snack better—as many of the snack hacks below most certainly prove—but you do need to try a little harder, reinvent some classics, and be mindful of your taste buds. It’ll be worth it.

Bacon-weave taco

bacon_weave_tacoRecipe: Howcast

Why it’s great: Perhaps you’re the type of glutton who also likes to remain grain-free. Well, then how the heck are you supposed to enjoy Mexican food with all its chips and tortillas and taco shells? Not a problem any more. A 100% cured-meat taco shell is made by weaving strips of bacon together, then baking them in the oven, before using a taco mold to shape your meat tortilla. The hard part is done—now all you need to figure out is what to fill this sucker with. Might I suggest…more meat? (Photo: Facebook/PYT)

Mason jar salads

mason_jar_saladRecipe: The Kitchn

Why it’s great: Perhaps not surprisingly, most snack hacks tend to be on the more…let’s just say, caloric side. But health nuts like to hack it up too, and that’s what makes mason jar salads so brilliant. Add dressing to an empty jar then fill to the brim with anything you might want in your salad: lettuce, carrots, beans…cheese, bacon—hey, I thought we were trying to be healthy here?! Whatever the case, once you seal the top you should have a healthy snack on the go. Shake it up when you’re ready to eat. You won’t even need to dirty another bowl. (Photo: Flickr/Steven Depolo)

Ice-cream sandwich cake

ice_cream_sandwich_cakeRecipe: See GIF below and go crazy

Why it’s great: Screw our health! Homemade cakes are delicious, aside from that troublesome little thing about having to spend hours baking them. That’s not the case with this beauty. Buy a box of ice cream sandwiches, stack three across long-ways, add caramel and/or hot fudge, three more across short-ways, again with the caramel/hot fudge, then three final ones again long-ways. Cover with whipped cream and toppings, and—boom—you have a frozen cake that will make you forget you have any sort of workout plan. (Photo: Flickr/mike)


Nutella mug cake

nutella_mug_cakeRecipe: Babble

Why it’s great: But maybe you do want a warm, homemade cake. Still not a problem, as long as you own a single coffee mug. Fill your “World’s Greatest Grandkid” coffee cup—make sure it’s microwave-safe—with whisked-together butter, semisweet chocolate, sugar, flour, an egg, and, of course, a big helping of Nutella. Nuke for a minute and what emerges will be a cake oozing out a molten lava of chocolate-y hazelnut-y goodness. Just don’t scorch the roof of your mouth because you’re too impatient to wait for it to cool. (Photo: Flickr/fugzu)

Pizza dip

pizza_dipRecipe: Buzzfeed

Why it’s great: Maybe you’re hankering for pizza and didn’t have the amazing foresight to order before closing time. Now you’re stuck at home with no good solutions. Except…what if you filled a dish with a creamy, spreadable cheese and tomato sauce, covered it with meats, peppers, hot chilies, and anything else you’d add to your regular slice? After setting for a few minutes in the fridge, you’d have cold pizza—minus the boring dough—able to be plunged into with crackers, chips, or even slices of baguette. Perfect. (Photo: Flickr/mastermaq)

Cheesy logs

cheesy_logRecipe: Dairy Goodness

Why it’s great: Remember “ants on a log,” that favorite snack of first-graders? Here, instead of slathering a celery stalk with peanut butter, opt for a more sophisticated cheese spread. As for the “ants,” ditch the raisins for something a little higher-end. Crispy dried onions, flaked potato chips, or even olives could elevate an old favorite. Elementary-school field trips would have been a whole lot better if your mom had just packed these. (Photo: Flickr/Jim, the Photographer)