If you’re about to chug some cucumber water and down a tea sandwich right now, you might want to reconsider. A nationwide salmonella outbreak linked to imported Mexican cucumbers has resulted in the death of one Southern California woman; the outbreak has also sickened close to 300 people from 27 states, and hospitalized 53 of them.

Kathleen R. Dvergsten claims she got food poisoning after eating a salad containing imported cucumbers at a Red Lobster in Minnesota, which lead to a lawsuit against the restaurant’s importer. The cucumbers referred to in the lawsuit were “pole gown” cucumbers imported from Mexico and distributed by Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce, according to the California Department of Public Health.

According to NBC San Diego, the California-based cucumber distributor has recalled all garden cucumbers after Dvergsten contracted salmonella.

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Dvergsten’s attorney tells NBC, “My client was hospitalized for five days and then in a rehab center for another six days before she was able to even go home.”

Bill Marler, a managing partner at Marler Clark, explains that because the recall did not happen as soon as it should have, it’s possible that others will become contaminated with salmonella.

“One person has died eating what is usually a healthy food and hundreds have been sickened so far. As these cucumbers were sold to restaurants and home cooks, it’s possible the number of illnesses will rise.”

According to an Oklahoma City news station, Red Lobster is not the only restaurant to be effected by the outbreak. The news source reports that “the produce is sold at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Whole Foods and Albertsons. Andrew & Williamson also supplies vegetables to Olive Garden, Red Lobster and In-And-Out.”

First We Feast reached out to In-N-Out Corporate for a comment on the recall. A spokesperson explained that although the incident has affected other restaurants, the burger chain hasn’t used any of the tainted Andrew and Williamson cucumbers.

[via NBC San Diego]

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