A new Paris-based online delivery service is bringing more to the table than just a simple meal—it also provides the customer with a Grandma to cook their food.

The website Lou Papé connects retired grandparents with opportunities to cook for customers, and provides customers with the experience of having grand-mère in the kitchen.

chicken cooking

According to the Lou Papé website, the company aims to bring its customers back to a time of authentic, traditional cuisine.

The rent-a-grandma process is simple: you go to the website, choose one of four retired cooks (two grandmothers and two grandfathers), and schedule a time and place for them to be. Your personal grandparent chef will then show up, make a four-course meal, do the dishes, and go home.

The site is set up a little like what we imagine a culinary escort service would look like; there are photos of the cooks, their age is listed (the eldest is 60, the youngest 58) and a menu shows what they will prepare for your dinner party if hired, with a price that varies per grandparent. The meals start at 12 Euro per person and go up to 42 Euro per person, a relatively reasonable price for turning your home into a grandparent-fueled restaurant for a night.

The folks over at Vice were actually the very first customers of Lou Papé and gave a review of the service and food. Their chosen grandmother/personal chef, Beatrice, seems like she knows her way around sea bass, and also had some insights into the culture of cooking and her history with food. As promised, Beatrice did all the dishes and left without prying into anyone’s personal life—something we’re still trying to figure out how to get our nana to do.

The service is only available in France for the time being. So be nice to your grandparents and maybe you can coax them into cooking for you and your friends until Lou Papé expands to the U.S.

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