Ramen is undoubtably one of the greatest comfort foods of all time, capturing the hearts of both gourmands and frugal students alike.

Given the recent the introduction of ramen ice cream, ramen burgers, and even ramen noodle baths, the only logical next step was to combine ramen with another one of the world’s favorite foods: pizza.

Starting today, September 10th, Aoki’s Pizza in Japan is releasing the “Kirin Ramen Pizza,” inspired by the “Kirin” or giraffe. 

The ramen pizza replaces traditional marinara sauce with “Kirin” instant noodles. Mozzerella cheese, bacon, and shrimp are placed atop of the ramen pizza, giving it the allusion of a giraffe’s fur pattern. According to Rocket News, customers are given a soy sauce powdered soup packet to add extra flavor to their pie.

The pizzeria, which offers delivery, is also debuting a Natto Okonomiyaki pizza, featuring grilled Mizkan natto (fermented soy beans) atop okonomiyaki (savory Japanese pancake).


Photo: Value Press

The pies will set you back 1,250 yen ($10.36) for a small, 1,900 yen ($15.75) for a medium, and 3,000 yen ($24.88) for a large.

If you’re looking to try the ramen noodle pizza for yourself but aren’t living in Japan, here’s an easy recipe to create a pizza out of instant noodles at home.

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