When searching for a life partner, it helps to look for someone with interests similar to your own. Thanks to Oscar Mayer and their new dating app, Sizzl, bacon enthusiasts now have a fast and efficient way to find each other, as well as what Oscar Mayer has deemed ‘bacon wrapped love.’

👫 + 🐖 = ❤️

bacon wedding

Photo: Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer introduced the app through a commercial poking fun at Tinder and other swipe-based dating apps. The app works in the same way as Grindr, Tinder, and the rest; you sign in through Facebook, make a profile (you don’t need to include your love for bacon, it’s implied), and start swiping through other porcine lovers in your area. If two people match, they are able to talk about their love for pork, why they downloaded an app made by the company responsible for bologna, or whatever else they think will lead to a bacon-filled life together.

If someone you’ve been messaging doesn’t love bacon, you can go to their profile and report them to Oscar Mayer by clicking the “Doesn’t love bacon” button. The future is here, and it’s kinda creepy.


Photo: Oscar Mayer

Specialized food-and-drink-themed dating apps have been around for years, from Gluten Free Singles to Craft Beer Mingles, but Sizzl seems to be capitalizing on a truly bacon-obsessed culture that will stop at nothing to profess their love for the smokey stuff.

We downloaded the app, tried it ourselves, and to the surprise of no one, there were already people on it. We swiped through some local bacon lovers, but haven’t heard anything back. Maybe everyone’s at lunch?


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