Last week, Doritos introduced a new Rainbow flavor of chips in support of LGBT rights. While the majority of responses from Doritos fans were positive, some people were not happy to see their favorite brand take a stance on a political issue.

Unhappy parties took to the brand’s Facebook to express their dissatisfaction with the new flavor. Disappointed in the outlash against the chips, one internet troll—notorious for his work advocating Target’s new gender-biased product removalcreated a fake Doritos help page in support of the new chips.

Although the troll is not actually affiliated with Frito Lay, he politely corrects contradictory arguments that the haters present. Our favorite Doritos ForHelp comment thus far:

“You seem upset and are most likely what we call, ‘Hangry.’ Would you like a free bag of our Rainbow Doritos to taste test?”

Here are some highlights from the Doritos troll, courtesy of Distractify

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[via Distractify]

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