We’ve done our fair share of coverage on insane athlete diets. We’re talking NFL stars who down 7,000 calories a day, and WWE champions who consume 821-pounds of fish per year.

Then there’s Los Angeles Clippers’ guard and former Duke star J.J. Redick. In an interview with GQ, Redick describes how getting more serious about basketball as a profession also meant getting more serious about his diet. Redick has signed on as a spokesman for Beyond Meat, a company that makes all your favorite carnivorous snacks with vegetables instead of beef or chicken, and he can’t get enough of the veggie-packed burgers and nuggets.


Redick generally focuses on staying healthy as a whole over focusing on any one diet trend. Redick hasn’t made the full leap into vegetarianism quite yet, and explains he’ll still eat red meat on occasion. He tells GQ,

“I believe life is best in moderation, and that holds true for everything. I don’t think the pendulum should swing too far away. If I feel like I haven’t had red meat in a while, I’ll have a steak. If I eat too much of one thing, I’ll cut it out for two weeks. I try to have as much balance in my life, and not just my diet, as possible. I have fun but I work really hard so that carries over to everything I do.”

Sure, he can’t eat exactly how he’d like during the NBA season, given that he’s traveling to different cities and living out of hotels. But when he’s home, Redick says he’s liable to eat a whole package of fake chicken nuggets in one sitting. Don’t go too crazy, J.J., that’s a lot of fiber.

[via GQ]