As we near the end of September, the greatly anticipated McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu date inches closer, giving fans additional incentive to hit up the fast-food chain on the reg.

The all-day breakfast menu may only apply to restaurants across the U.S., but now McDonald’s fans in Germany have a entirely different reason to get hyped.

Starting next month, McDonald’s will introduce it’s first-ever “McB” burger in Germany—a healthier version of the classic Big Mac, featuring organic beef, Edam cheese, Lollo Bionda lettuce, and sunflower-seed buns.

For a limited time, the fancy new burger will be tested at various locations throughout Germany with the potential of gaining a permanent spot on the menu.

McDonald’s explains that the organic meat is free of antibiotics, synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and only sourced from free-range cows that eat organic and GMO-free products. The organic incentive serves as a smart move for the franchise, given that other restaurants like Chipotle currently face repercussions for not being honest with their sustainable products.

The franchise has plans to make the full transition into organic beef by January 2016; although, the company’s sustainability claims have been heavily criticized.

[via Quartz]