While Marshawn Lynch may not be a huge fan of the press, he is by far the greatest Skittles fan of all time.

In what is perhaps the best segments that’s ever aired on home-shopping channel EVINE Live, Lynch was brought on to hype up a new partnership between the the Home Shopping Channel and Skittles. 


The Seattle Seahawks running back proves once again that’s he’s not afraid to get up close and personal with his food, detailing his “intimate relationship” with Skittles to host Allison Waggoner. The segment crams an incredible amount of valuable information into a short five-minute segment, including fun facts like:

  1. You have to be a Skittle fan in order to date Marshawn Lynch
  2. You would need to stack 12 packs of the candy in order to reach Marshawn’s height.

It’s also important to note that Waggoner refers to Marshawn as “Big Daddy” twice throughout the five-minute segment and proposes to the running back with a Skittles ring, because why not.


But let’s not forget the real purpose of Lynch’s appearance on the shopping network: EVINE Live is selling 36 packs of Skittles for $18. That comes out to around $.50 per bag so you too can become intimate with the candy.

[via GQ]