Florida 9-1-1 dispatchers received a strange call Monday morning as a Sanford resident complained about an escaped monkey that was terrorizing their suburb.

The culprit was none other than Zeek—a pet of one of the local residents. Like a temperamental teenager, Zeek ran through the streets, tampering with the neighbors’ mail, and climbing street signs.

When police arrived at the scene, the officers had to “lure” Zeek into the squad car using a water bottle as a decoy. That only worked for so long—Zeek began to peel the molding off the squad car before his owner came to retrieve him.

News 6 reports that this is not Zeek’s first time escaping from his home. Back in 2012, the monkey broke out of his cage and bit a local resident. That incident led Zeek to be shipped off to an animal sanctuary where he lived for a few years. Zeek’s owner recently reclaimed his pet after promising to give the monkey a stronger cage.

[via the Associated Press]