Looks like Kendall Jenner’s post-NYFW diet is all Chipotle everything.

Yes, the supermodel eats carnitas burritos just like you do, and she’s super casual about it.


NY Mag reports that Jenner rolled into a Soho Chipotle on Tuesday night sporting a Michael Kors shopping bag, and people “promptly lost their shit.” According to NY Mag’s spy, Lori Keong: “The Chipotle workers behind the counter were losing their minds when she came in and she didn’t get helped for about five minutes because they were all shouting ‘Nooooooo way’ and falling all over themselves and freaking out.”

People in Soho have zero chill.


Photo via NY Mag

Do you think the Chipotle employee working behind the counter finessed Kendall’s meat, or gave her extra? Do you think she went all out and ordered an off-menu Quesarito?

Whatever she ordered, Communications Director at Chipotle, Chris Arnold, hoped it was up to par with Jenner’s burrito-chain standards.


No matter what you may think about models and their burrito consumption habits, Jenner rolling through Chipotle on Tuesday was not an isolate event.  Need proof? Here’s Jenner at a Chipotle in January, wearing a chunky scarf and big-a** coat, and then the model at Chipotle back in May chilling outside.



We’d really like to see Kendall and Big Sean battle it out to see who is a more devoted Chipotle fanMaybe next time Jenner is at Chipotle, she’ll take a cue from the Big Sean Chipotle Playbook and buy everyone lunch.

[via NY Mag]