If you though adding Mentos to Diet Coke was the height of soda rocket science, think again. Russian YouTuber Kreosan discovered that adding butane to a bottle of soda creates an immense amount of pressure, which will send it flying out of your hand with enough force to shatter a window.

Although the video is in Russian, it’s easy to get the gist of how to make a soda bottle rocket at home.


Start by opening a bottle of Coca-Cola. We’re pretty sure it can be any carbonated beverage, but for safety’s sake, let’s use what the Russian is using and stick to the classic. Open the bottle and pour some of the coke out until the sugary rocket fuel reaches the top of the label.


Next, fill the empty chamber of your bottle with butane. You can use a lighter refill (like the type meant for a Zippo) or a larger butane can (the kind usually associated with blowing up houses while trying to make weed concentrates).


Fill the chamber with as much gas as you want. We say: the more butane the better. Then go outside and let it rip. Turn the bottle upside down, watch the highly flammable gas mix with the carbon dioxide in your Coke, and boom there goes your rocket flying into space.


As fun as this looks, you probably shouldn’t try it at home. What if the bottle flies directly into your face and pokes your eye out!? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


[via BroBible]