It’s common knowledge that crocodiles shouldn’t be messed with. They’re fast, they swim better than you, and can probably tear your head off with one bite.

If you need a little more evidence, please, watch the Nat Geo video above that shows just how hard Australian crocodiles can chomp.


If anyone was going to get close enough to put a GoPro inside a crocodile’s mouth, it would be Steve Irwin (R.I.P.); but because he is no longer with us, National Geographic stepped up to the plate.

The video shows croc chasers Trevor Frost and Melissa Lesh luring the crocodiles with remote-control boats outfitted with GoPros. The crocs take the bait, and we get to see the demolition from the dinner’s point of view.

The bite is strong and fast, prompting Frost to exclaim, “He just smashed it. Bam! It was crazy.”


Because the cameras were tied to a string, Frost and Lesh were able to get back every camera they used, even after eight attacks from the vicious crocs.

[via Bro Bible]