People have done a lot of crazy sh*t in the name of scientific research. Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia were interested in how obesity triggers insulin resistance, so they had a group of healthy, middle-aged guys consume 6,200 calories a day for a week straight. “The men were also confined to hospital beds so they would not get physical activity,” reports Live Science.

This sounds like the typical diet and exercise routine of many Americans not participating in any sort of scientific study—but we digress.

The subjects of the experiment stuck to a diet high in carbs and fat, consisting mainly of hamburgers, pizza, and cookies. Sure, this week-long junk food fest seems like fun; that is, up until you hear how much weight the dudes gained.

After seven days of binging on pizza and burgers, the men gained, on average, nearly eight pounds (3.5 kilograms), according to a study published Sept 9 in Science Translational Medicine. That’s eight pounds in one week.

guy-fieri-eating-backwardsThe men also developed insulin resistance after just two to three days, according to the researchers.

Do you live in Philly and want to volunteer to eat burgers and pizza for an entire week while not leaving your bed? Hit up the scientists leading the study, Guenther Boden and Salim Merali. According to Live Science, future studies are required so that the Temple University team can find out more about insulin triggers and the early stages of obesity.

[via Live ScienceScience Translational Medicine]

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