After vowing to go GMO-free in the summer of 2014, Chipotle began taking steps to ensure that by the end of year, the chain would be completely free of GMO products. After missing that deadline, Chipotle suffered through #CarnitasGate at the beginning of this year, and struggled with sourcing non-genetically modified corn and flour for tortillas. It seems the transition to 100% certified organic foods proved to not be such an easy task.

CBS reports a San Francisco-based law firm has filed a lawsuit agains the burrito chain on behalf of all customers who didn’t receive GMO-free food as promised after April 27, 2015. Despite claims that Chipotle successfully ended their use of unsustainable products, the lawsuit reports the sodas offered at Chipotle are made with high-fructose corn syrup and the food used to feed the livestock contain genetically modified ingredients.

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Additionally, Chipotle announced an end to the carnitas shortage earlier this summer after the chain partnered with a UK pork distributor. The partnership was criticized after it came to the public’s attention that the livestock was fed “antibiotics when necessary,” going against the Chipotle guidelines for sustainable, organic meat.

The lawsuit hopes to receive monetary damages in return for Chipotle’s false advertising campaign that convinced customers to pay more for what they believed were GMO-free products.

[via CBS]

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