A bear cub in Colorado Springs decided to take the ultimate pizza nap (similar to a disco nap, only it involves eating pizza instead of partying) on Monday afternoon. The cub entered Louie’s Pizzeria on Tejon Street and settled down for a midday snooze among the pizza boxes and deli paper.


The animal made its way to Louie’s after a quick jaunt through nearby Palmer High School. As The Colorado Spring Gazette notes, the cub made the smart choice of opting for pizza over education.

After being notified that the bear was on the loose, officer Blanca Caro began heading west from the school towards Tejon Street when she was flagged down by an employee at Louie’s. According to The Gazette,

“…the animal had been on the opposite side of Boulder and must have smelled the pizza. The animal entered through an open door, walked past the restrooms and found its way into the pizzeria’s prep room. There he ate some icing used in Louie’s cini-bread and curled up on the second shelf of a storage rack.

By the time Colorado Parks & Wildlife officials rolled up to Louie’s, the bear club was fast asleep on the pantry shelf.


Spokesperson for Parks & Wildlife, Matt Robbins, tells the Colorado newspaper that the cub appeared to be malnourished, and had an open wound on one of its paws. The sleepy animal’s injury was treated and he was taken to a rehab facility to get better. “If we get that weight up and the wound heals, it will go back into the wild,” says Robbins.

If released back into nature, we expect that the cini bread-frosting obsessed bear will go right back to the pizzeria for more noms and naps. While we’re unsure of the bear’s fate, one thing is certain: this bear is the spirit animal of essentially everyone in Colorado.

[via The Colorado Spring Gazette]

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