Wait… did Drake just open a restaurant in Toronto?

According to a few local publications, the rapper did open a spot called Fring’s with superstar chef Susur Lee.

Of course, the partnership shouldn’t be a surprise, given the two have been photographed together, and Drake celebrated his birthday at Bent, the restaurant Lee opened with his sons Kai and Levi and which Drake allegedly quietly invests in.


Fring’s opened on King Street West in downtown Toronto and was host to a few celebrities during last night’s opening party, including Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden Smith, and reportedly Serena Williams.

Lee teased the new project on Instagram last week, but with very few details. It wasn’t until two days ago that one could assume he was working with Drake, when he posted a photo with graphics from Drake’s “Hotline Bling” in the background. But besides that, Lee and Drake kept details on the restaurant, and even the opening party, under wraps.


Interesting bit: According to people on forums, “Fring” is allegedly Drake’s nickname for Rihanna. Apparently, when the two were in Europe, RiRi put Drake onto Breaking Bad, and anyone who watches the show will know “Fring” is the last name of one of the characters in the show. How deep.

We’ll update with more information.

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