A 59-year-old Detroit man is in stable condition after he claims he was shot over a bag of potato chips. According to the Detroit News, the shooting happened on the evening of September 2 around 9:30pm near Eight Mile and Dequindre Roads. The newspaper then gives further details about the alleged incident:

[pullquote][He] told police that he was walking in the 20300 block of Conant when a man approached and snatched his chips from his hand. The victim reportedly told the suspect “Yo, man, give me back my chips” and grabbed them back. The man then pulled out a handgun and shot the victim in the groin, police said.[/pullquote]

The alleged shooter was able to get away.


People have been stabbed for their pizzas and beaten for their ribs, but getting shot for chips might be the weirdest food-jacking of all time. Keep your enemies close and your snack foods closer, America.

[via Detroit News, h/t Gawker]