Nothing destroys someone’s trust in the quality of their fast-food quite like an unsanitary surprise.

While some customers have lucked out and found some cold hard cash in their meals, others have not been nearly as luckyOne UK couple claims they found an unexpected dinner guest hiding in their pineapple Pizza Hut pie after sitting down to a nice family meal. Husband and father Chay Watts details the shock of finding a live cockroach before he even had a chance to sample a piece. He says,

“I just looked at the corner of the box and saw there was a cockroach gripping onto a bit of pineapple. My missus grabbed one of the little plastic things you get in the box, touched it with it, and it’s legs started moving so it was still alive.”

Like any good father, Watts was concerned that his young son might fall ill due to the unsanitary conditions of the dinner. He and his wife Cara Powell called the pizza chain and described their situation. Watts explains, “They didn’t seem that bothered to be honest they just said ‘oh sorry about that’ and said the best they could do was give us another pizza, but I don’t want to eat from there again.”

The company did give the family a complimentary tub of Haagen Daas and a new, fresh pizza on the house, although it’s safe to say that the Watts-Powell family will not be eating anything from Pizza Hut ever again.

[via Get West London]