No matter if they are the star of the film or a body double, Hollywood actors are consistently losing and gaining weight for upcoming roles.

Chris Hemsworth’s body double, stunt man Bobby Holland Hanton, must constantly keep up with the changing physique of the Australian superstar. The British gymnast has been a body double for other actors including Channing Tatum, Christian Bale, and Daniel Craig, and constantly alters his diet to prepare for various roles.

In an interview with GQ, Hanton details exactly what the life of a stunt man entails, from the struggles of maintaining a rigid diet plan to the best way to indulge after a week of grilled chicken breasts.

Hanton, who’s a little over six feet tall, had to get down to 169-pounds for a recent role. To shed weight quickly, he consumed just 500 calories worth of vegetables daily for five weeks. He explains that the strict diet forced him to constantly remind himself that he was putting in the work for the job. He tells GQ,

“After a while it starts to get quite difficult but you keep telling yourself, ‘It’s for the job, it’s for the job, it’s for the job.’”

Immediately after shedding the weight, Hanton needed to gain more muscle for a role in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

His bulk-up diet consists of mostly high-protein foods combined with daily workouts in addition to filming. He explains that while the meals can get monotonous, a cheat day usually helps him stay on track. “When it’s super strict I give myself one cheat day. Usually on a Sunday—I should do just a cheat meal but I do the whole day—I’ll eat whatever I want. I’ll have bread, chocolate, Chinese food, et cetera. It’s my way to have something to look forward to during the week.”

If you’re hoping to achieve the body-double look for yourself, here’s a look at the diet of a Chris Hemsworth’s body double: 


Four poached eggs, two grilled chicken breasts, avocado

Post-breakfast snack

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Tuna tossed with quinoa, nuts and olive oil

Lunch, after workout

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Grilled steak with sweet potato

Afternoon snack

#lunch #chickenandalmonds

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Handful of nuts, grilled chicken breast


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Brown rice with grilled white fish, bowl of cooked peas, and carrots

Bedtime snack

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Cup of brown rice with tuna
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