A 27-year-old woman from the Chinese province of Jiangsu was hospitalized Sunday after she swallowed a 6-inch-long metal spoon. Her explanation for the utensil in her stomach? She was eating noodles too fast and accidentally swallowed it.

If that sounds suspicious to you, you’re not alone. The South China Morning Post reports that the director of the gastroenterology department at Northern Jiangsu People’s Hospital, where the patient, Ms. Wang, was treated, isn’t buying her story either. He says,

“First of all, you wouldn’t use a spoon to eat noodles, this spoon was longer than a normal spoon and not easy to swallow either. We guess there might be another story behind what happened, but she wouldn’t say much.”

15CM spoon removed after woman swallows it in… by Newsflare

Doctors were able to remove the spoon in two hours using an endoscope and medical wires. You can see footage of the procedure above, but be warned, it’s disgusting. Ms. Wang was sent home shortly after the procedure, and we’re still scratching our heads.spoon in stomach

Screenshots via Daily Motion

This isn’t the first time Chinese doctors have had to deal with the swallowing of kitchen utensils. In May, a Chinese woman had an itch in her throat, and thought it best to shove an 11-inch spatula handle into her throat to try and alleviate the pain. It didn’t work (duh) and she was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to remove the spatula.

the spoon

We’ve spent the last hour trying to figure out how it’s possible—noodles or no noodles—to swallow a 6-inch metal utensil, and we still don’t understand how the hell she did it. But here’s our advice to Ms. Wang: nobody likes a liar.

[via South China Morning Post]