At first glance, it may look like @OgSoph just posted any old chicken strip to Twitter. But upon further examination, you may find that the piece of chicken bears a slight resemblance to the summer’s chart-topping artist, The Weeknd.

Although the similarities between Able Tesfaye and the chicken strip may not be blatantly obvious, it didn’t stop OgSoph from attempting to make her followers see exactly what she was seeing.

With nothing more than a quick Google Image search and a third grade-level Photoshop job, OgSoph plastered the photo of The Weeknd’s face onto her nugget, demonstrating just how “identical” her meal looks in comparison to the artist.

Although the Photoshopping may not have worked in her favor, it’s undeniable the strip’s protruding fried batter somewhat resembles The Weeknd’s iconic hairstyle. But in comparison to other celebrity food doppelgängers like the George Washington chicken nugget and Donald Trump butter, The Weeknd-chicken strip resemblance is pretty weak.

[via Twitter]