A whole seven years after the release of the movie Step Brothers, you still can’t escape the iconic Catalina Wine Mixer quote.


Santa Catalina Island, a small island off the coast of Los Angeles, has become notorious for its cameo in the Will Ferrell flick. Recently, the island has been given the rights to hold the first-ever, real-life Catalina Wine Mixer—complete with a helicopter landing.

On September 13th, the Descanso Beach Club in Avalon, California will host the Step Brothers-inspired event, complete with music, gourmet food, and of course, wine.

The prestigious party is set to to give event-goers the complete Catalina Wine Mixer experience with “so much room for activities.” A $35 general admission ticket will give wine mixer attendees an all-day access to the event as well as a souvenir Catalina Wine Mixer glass.

No word on whether or not “Boats N’ Hoes” will make a cameo.

[via Daily Mail]