Apple has finally unleashed the new emojis that will be included when you update your phone to iOS 9.1.

Sure, we’re excited about the unicorn and the middle finger emojis, but the burrito, taco, block of cheese, and hot dog emojis are straight 🔥.


We’re pretty positive the hot dog will never once be used to signify actual food, and will usually precede a dick pic. Meanwhile, people will most likely get upset that the burrito looks like it has lettuce and a stale-looking flour tortilla.

As for the block of cheese emoji, it’s perfect for conveying to your friends that you feel like Lil Wayne at a Packer’s game.


Photo: Vulture

According to The Next WebiOS 9.1 will likely be released sometime later this year (no specifics on exactly when). Once Apple announces an official date, we’ll be counting down the minutes and seconds until we’re able to update.

[via The Next Web]

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