When dealing with guard dogs, it always helps to think ahead. That’s exactly what two Texas burglars thought they were doing when they used a Subway sandwich as a decoy to distract the canines and burglarize a home. 

The decoy worked, and the burglars were able to steal over $6,000 worth of items from the house, including a camera, Michael Jordan sneakers, various electronics, and the family safe.

While the burglary may seem like it was a success, the men left behind two big clues that gave them away. Not only were the men captured on the home’s security camera, but the not-so-dynamic duo left behind the receipt to the Subway sandwich they ordered for the dog.


Homeowner Francisco Rios tells WRAL,

“They’re dumb. I mean, what else can you say? It’s going to come right back to them.”

The receipt, which was dropped as the men escaped via the home’s fence, contained both the duo’s credit card information as well as the time stamp of the sandwich purchase.

Investigators are currently working with the Subway restaurant to gain a better understanding of who the guilty party is.

[via WRAL]