Burger King is going goth this Halloween. The chain will be offering a black Whopper, according to The Telegraph and a Reddit user claiming to have access to Burger King’s internal website.

Not much has been released about the “spooky” cheeseburger, but we do know the ‘HA.1.Loween Whopper’ will be a regular patty sandwiched between two dyed-black buns, with lettuce, tomato, mayo, pickles, onions, American cheese (sorry, it’s not black), and A1 steak sauce.

This isn’t the first time Burger King has changed the colors of its buns. A BK burger with black buns, black cheese, and squid-ink sauce was released in Japan one year ago. In Japan, the buns are dyed using traditional bamboo charcoal.


Photo: Facebook/ Burger King Japan

Burger King has also released a limited-edition red bun ‘Samurai Burger’ in Japan as well as a green-bun burger in Saudi Arabia.



There is no word on whether the buns on America’s black burgers will be dyed with bamboo charcoal, regular charcoal, or squid ink, but our best guess is food coloring because Americans are easy.

BK will also offer a limited-edition holiday beverage, the Pumpkin Spiced Oreo Milkshake, because literally every brand ever is now capitalizing on the pumpkin craze.

Is America ready for the black bun? We’ll finally get to find out. The burger should be available in the U.S. on Halloween, but still no word on how long the special release will last for.

[via Burger Lad]