The King of Beers is teaming up with the Kings of Metal for a limited-edition Metallica x Budweiser collaboration beer. The metal-inspired brew will be released on September 28th, but there’s a kicker: all 91,000 Metallica cans will be released exclusively in Quebec City, Canada.

When Metallica makes something other than music, they tend to go real big; for example, the band released a concert movie in 3D and they host an annual Major League Baseball ‘Metallica Night’ for the San Francisco Giants. The Budweiser collaboration project is no different, given the beer will be brewed with a special dose of Metallica mojo: the heavy-metal Bud will sit in a tanker truck outside of a Metallica show to collect the band’s sonic vibrations before being bottled.

bud metallia can

photo via Budweiser

The promo is part of a larger farewell celebration for Quebec City’s long-standing arena, Colisee Pepsi, and a welcome party for the city’s new arena, Videotron Centre. Metallica played the last show to ever be held at Colisee Pepsi on Monday, Sept 14, and tonight, the band will play a show at the newly opened Videotron Centre. The tanker full of soon-to-be Metallica Budweiser will be parked outside the venue.

After Metallica fades to black at tonight’s show, the beer-filled tanker will head to the Labatt plant near Montreal, where the brewing and canning process will be completed. If all goes according to plan, the beer will be released on September 28, at which point Canadian metalheads will be able to get their paws on 12 or 24 packs of the black cans.

Metallica isn’t the first metal band to get into the craft beer collaboration game. Iron Maiden, Gwar, SYX, and many more metal bands have partnered with breweries to help craft custom suds.

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