Everyone who keeps an eye on the NYC food scene knows that Anthony Bourdain is opening an extremely ambitious new food hall at Pier 40 in the Meatpacking District. But the details of Bourdain Market and its “100 vendors” have remained somewhat vague—that is, until now.

Florence Fabricant of the New York Times spoke to Bourdain about the 155,000-square-foot food lovers’ paradise, and found out the following facts:

  • Bourdain Market will be open almost 24-hours a day
  • It will open in “about two years”
  • There will be a “wet market,” separate from the food hall, featuring a fish monger, butcher Victor Churchill, and farmers’ market
  • The food hall will feature karaoke, Asian pop performances, and films

Bourdain’s plan has always been to create an “authentic hawker market” that features street food from around the world, and that hasn’t changed. Although Tony and his business partner are already anticipating running into issues with housing and visas, as of now, Bourdain has locked down the following four vendors for Bourdain Market:



Sabina Bandera, the seafood queen of Mexico, has been running the La Guerrerense stand in Baja, California for over 50 years. Bourdain once described the no-frills tostada and ceviche stand as serving “Le Bernardin-quality seafood in the street,” and what he says is 100-percent accurate. Bandera’s sea urchin and Pismo clam tostada, pictured above, is transcendental—and now you don’t even have to travel to Ensenada to try it. (Photo: Erin Mosbaugh)



Geylang Claypot Rice is a Singapore-based restaurant that serves (what else but) the South China specialty claypot rice. Bourdain stopped by Geylang on a trip to Singapore for his Travel Channel show The Layover and raved about the rice, the chicken, the sausage—and, well, just about everything. It’s no surprise Tony tapped these guys for Bourdain Market. (Photo: Geylang Claypot Rice)


spotted pig

Anthony had to do something that New Yorkers could grasp on to as their own. He’s partnering with restauranteurs April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman, the team responsible for NYC favorites including The Spotted Pig and The Breslin, among other restaurants. The team has signed on to operate two stands in the hall, but concepts haven’t been announced for either space. (Photo: Facebook)

We’ll keep you updated with more details on the market as they emerge.